Web3 Fashion Manifesto
The code is an open source fork from the DIGITALAX DIGIFIZZY Metaverse Magazine repo and was hand crafted and customised directly by F₃M.

We are building out the very first Web3 Fashion Manifesto imprinted directly onto every garment, fabric, patch and experience manifested into existence.

The Manifesto is a weaving into fabric, digital and physical, of the literal stories that make up the history of textile creation, manufacturing and merchandising.
These snippets and threads of countless works and lives are often left forgotten on the cutting room floor as the 20th century practices of centralised corporate control have left no room for anything unique, substantive or meaningful in the products that we consume or the garments that we wear.
Web3 enables designers and every complimentary artisan in the broader web3 fashion ecosystem to out produce the economies of scale the old corporates have abused, while, for the first time, elevating to even greater appreciation the most unique and genuine elements of style, which were previously left behind.
The manifesto is made up of audio pieces, video content, text, spoken word, materials, textures, fabrics, patches, beading, patterns and specialty under and above ground events — all open sourced as 1155 NFTs, creating the Manifesto On-Chain library and including within the master garment NFTs offering these contributors new way to monetise and completely rejuvenate the lingering remnants of the once vanguard segments of fashion history.