Global Designer Network DAO

Join the Revolution with the Web3 Fashion Anarchists.

It’s often the case that we have to conform to a framework set by gatekeepers in our society. These gatekeepers have been around in every society since the dawn of agriculture. It’s something that so many of us simply must accept with no plausible alternative. Our current centralised economies incentivise an all out war for whoever can control the chokepoints for value exchange — because the model is extractive at its root.
More anarchists are jumping ship from the traditional fashion legacy system to start revolutionising the industry as we know it— from open source, to decentralisation, to digi core, to smashing through old definitions of digital and physical fashion.
It’s the open fabric of a new fashion revolution— and these are the web3 fashion anarchists behind it. It’s just the beginning. We are decentralsied. We are indie. And, we are here to reclaim what they took. Try and stop us.
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