DIGITALAX Protocol Stack
DIGITALAX is a Decentralised & Forkable Protocol Stack for Web3 Fashion & The Open Metaverse.
The protocol is birthing new tools for the democratization of the web3 fashion supply chain, bridging a global open source ethos to fashion innovation. It is this conduit and connection building for cross-collaboration of Designers and Developers, with a Player-centered devotion, which will move the open metaverse forward.

Core Ecosystem Modules

  • Fashion NFT Marketplaces.
    • Buy, Sell, Wear, Collect Digital & Physical Indie Web3 Fashion.
  • Global Designer Network DAO.
    • The First On-Chain Web3 Fashion Designer DAO.
  • Fractional Garment Ownership.
    • Pattern, Material, Texture ERC-1155 NFTs Owned by the ERC-721 Master Garment.
  • LOOK: Fashion Loot.
    • Composable On-Chain Metaverse Fashion. Derivative to the Loot Project.
  • Web3 Digi Models.
    • Meet the Digi Models Existing Native to the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • DASH. Interoperable Transformation File Format Architecture.
    • Metaverse Ready Dynamic & Interoperable File Format Architecture.
    • Native Web3 Monthly Metaverse Magazine with NFT Publishing Model.
  • Indie Modder's Guild.
    • Indie Mod, Gaming, Metaverse Devs Building the Open Source Web3 Value Layer Across the Realms.
  • ESPA.
    • Decentralised Wear 2 Earn Esports Platform.
  • PODE & The Player Creator Portal.
    • Instant Plug-In Ecosystem, Evaluation & Discovery Platform for Indie Games, Virtual Land Offerings & the Metaverse.
  • Wayfare.
    • DAO Quest Aggregator and Inter-Realm Conduit.
  • The DLTA System.
    • Metaversal Asset Curation, Appraisal and Evalution Platform.
  • Token Governance & Utility.
    • DAO Governance & DeFi NFT Staking for Crypto Yield.
  • The Indexes: W3MI & iW3Fi.
    • Web3 Metaverse Index & the Indie Web3 Fashion Index.
  • Engineering.
    • Experimenting with EIP Standards in the Spirit of Free Software.
  • Meta Source Vaults.
    • Open Vaults for Web3 Fashion & Indie Metaversal Content.
  • Core Team.
    • Meet the Genesis Protocol Architects Before We Go Full Time DAO.
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