Designer Realms
Every designer in web3 is a leader of their own vessel. Their own market and realm, interconnected across the protocol stack with immersive utility components, composable supply chain elements and radical authenticity directly embedded.
Indie = Decentralised. Fleet = Coordinated. Web3 Fashion = Open Metaverse Essential.
DIGITALAX is building the homeport for them all to launch off. Think about it like this, in the metaverse, would you want to be locked in shopping at one store or small town where the interfaces and your options are all of the same? NO WAY!
It’s about creative power and a pioneering sense of freedom.
It’s about exploring every edge of the map, discovering new markets and implementing more value generation mechanisms for circulating and creating new wealth alongside everyone that participates in the market.
F₃M is the 13th Designer Realm to launch using the DIGITALAX Protocol Stack.
Join other Global Designer Network designers launching under the protocol stack and spinning up their own realm to outflank centralized markets — in coordination with a federated fleet of fellow creators: the Indie Web3 Fashion Fleet. Becoming your own highly sought after fashion brand with lasting gains in reputation, a culturally aligned and hyper loyal community base, and long term capital is only possible with a full embrace of web3 principles and practices.
View all of the other live indie web3 fashion realms here.
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