The Bakers Dozen— Contribution NFTs
For fellow gate jumping creators, ever curious minds, and all who are perpetually skeptical of empty claims to authority, the Baker’s Dozen Crew has made something special.
The first batch of F₃M Realm Contribution NFTs, to recognize the differences among us and form from them connections between cultural movements.
Giving voice to a kind of cryptographic language creating portal hopping pathways between the metaverse and the streets, The Baker’s Dozen comes in 13 refreshing editions, each with an unlimited yet exclusive supply.
Holding one of The Baker’s Dozen NFTs enables access to special drops, immersive canvas projections, token governed creative community, early access to waitlisted products, betas, and collections, and F₃M native governance token staking (upon future release).
These NFTs are minted and sent directly to supporters as acknowledgement of exceptional contributions to the F₃M community. Notable contributions include original and derivative CC0 works, with special emphasis on those made using F₃M CC0 materials, complete works, accessories, and supplies.
Catch these tags on every canvas available in digital and physical formats for novel designers navigating the web3 realms today. From stickers and wheatpaste, to enamel and immersive projection apparel popups — this revolution is made to move far beyond the glass walls of television and the static state of industries ready for styles entirely self-sovereign and forever new.
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