ZK Skate
Zero Knowledge Skate is the latest amateur skate series to come out of NYC— bringing the world of skate culture to web3, NFT streetwear, ZKs and more.
It’s led in collaboration with F3M and the core of the local skate community here in NY, from 90s legends to new up and comers.
The series combines a mix between jams and runs across skates parks in all 5 boroughs + Long Island, before expanding globally.
Znarky is leading the pack on this one, set to bring his poignant guide to an avid community of culture shapers.
F3M is the champion streetwear provider, with DIGITALAX as a core infrastructure partner, alongside other local skateshop + web3 native DAO sponsors.
The first event will take place this summer, mid July… more details and sign ups to be announced soon!
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