Tier One

Become a Tier One Web3 Patron for F₃Manifesto here.

Early and Whitelisted Access to New Drip and Collections (All Pieces Brought Forth)
  • Every collection released under F₃M, both digital and physical, will be inspired by and directly manifest the stories and people from the web3 fashion manifesto. Patron holders will have early and whitelisted access to all of these collections brought forth as well as unique meta story content and utility associated with the collection's ever growing ties to various slices of the metaverse.
Map 2 the Metaverse Location Based Exclusive NFT Collectibles
  • As each story and associated complement is translated into the ever evolving manifesto, NFTs are unlocked of the moments and locations of their discovery and minted by the storytellers. Over time, the conceptual map grows into a literal 3D virtual world map environment. These NFTs will give utility and access at that digital and physical location point.
  • As collections evolve, unique sub collections will add additional richness and depth to the story and utility.
Everyday Patchwork Exclusive Chronicle Mints
  • Everyday a series of patchwork designs, physical and digital, will be made available for mint at different rarity levels, building out an open ended on-chain set of traditional supply chain components that will be time stamped and open sourced. It serves an ever growing bridge between the digital and physical, and traditional and future complements of fashion.
Exclusive Access to the Distributed Network of Fashion Galleries for On-Site Minting and Other Unique Experiences
  • A distributed network of physical unique web3 fashion galleries and locations will be set up with digital touch points, whereby patron holders ​​will be entitled to schedule IRL-only minting sessions across these galleries. This will also include other unique experiences and fashion collections that weave these stories in directly, driving foot traffic and novelty to the forgotten corners of fashion history.
Unique Made to Measure Pieces with Selectable Stories
  • Mint passes for made-to-measure and bespoke digital and physical wearables and collections, with a range of selectable stories for content inclusion across each bespoke piece.
Manifesto Collector DAO Council Seat
  • All Patron NFT holders will also hold governance and utility within a special collector DAO which will be dedicated to buying, holding and curating NFTs and other native web3 and metaverse assets that are created and minted by the unique voices, places and people that make up the manifesto.
  • There will be tiered governance token and NFT distribution as an incentive mechanism for market network activity circulation of stories curated by the DAO i.e. allocation and reward weight varies by tier level and mirrors tier level.
  • For example, tier 1 with an allocation weight of 1, compared to tier 2 with an allocation weight of 0.5, and tier 3 with an allocation weight of 0.1.
Unlockable NFT Bundles of Special Cross-Industry Collab Collections
  • Whitelisted access to special collaboration collections across the complements of the industry and this web3 fashion revolution. These collections will take form as a mixture of IRL fashion, digital fashion, music, art, poetry and more.
NFT Illustrated Guide Mints and Remix Series Content
  • NFT illustrated guide direct from the street level view of the greatest cultural-economic transformation humanity has ever experienced. Taking place today through the open metaverse & web3 fashion revolution, select moments, scenes and looks chronicling the web3 uprising are made available to mint, watch and remix.
Unique PFP Realm Rep with Exclusive Traits (Ported Across Environments and Dressed by Realm Fashion Collections):
  • ​​Every Patron NFT awards the buyer with a unique realm representative PFP avatar and realm native fashion collection that can be worn by the avatar. This starts out as hand drawn 2D, and eventually is developed as 3D too and ported into all of the different game and virtual environments that your chosen realm integrates with. You are the realm rep and this is likely to become one of your most prized metaverse identities in your collection.
$MONA and $W3F Staking Power:
  • NFT stakeable in Fashion NFT pool on DIGITALAX staking platform with weight/ownership of the pool equivalent to ETH amount spent on the patron tier.
Realm Native Governance and Liquid Utility ERC-20 Token Allocation:
  • This realm has both a native ERC-20 governance token and liquid utility ERC-20 token that is tradable on the market.
  • The governance token allocation amount is set at 6% of the total supply at purchase. The governance token has an inflationary supply, where it can only be earned by other community members through active engagement and realm quest contributions. The distribution will be determined first by the core realm creators and outlined quests put forth, and then later include realm DAO voting. After receipt of this initial allocation patrons receive further allocations through continuous DAO activity & contributions.
  • The liquid utility token will only go live once there is enough liquidity brought in from patron NFT champions in order to effectively seed the DEX pools and provide incentives for those using and holding the token. The liquid ERC-20 token will have core utility across access, ownership, coordination, ranking, airdrops and other valuable and important events and content brought under the realm.
  • The allocation of the liquid utility token will be distributed through a stakeable NFT in a dedicated Patron NFT pool, whereby the weighting/ownership of the pool is equivalent to the ETH amount spent on the patron tier.
Realm DAO Treasury:
  • A portion of the capital from the realm Patron NFT sales will also be used for directly seeding the Realm’s DAO treasury, which patron NFT holders will have progressive influence, voting power and coordination strength within.
Additional Inter-Realm Token Rewards from Market Activity:
  • A portion of the value brought in from Patron NFT sales is scheduled for distribution to stakers, where there are token staking rewards from other realm ERC-20 tokens.
Dedicated Access to Exclusive Realm Instigator Communication Channels (i.e. Discord):
Dedicated communication channels with the realm instigators and core realm builders and access to token gated discord channels.
Stakeable Membership NFT for Realm Guild on The DLTA System:
  • Membership NFT for staking on this realm’s guild in The DLTA System, for dynamically weighted appraisals and the establishment of authentically decentralized guilds.
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