Pop Up
The Pop Up marketplace is a fork from the DIGITALAX DRIP indie marketplace and is dedicated to IRL web3 fashion and collectibles.
As within the network of realms, all NFTs released on the pop up marketplace are stakeable for $MONA and $W3F yield and also can be resold on the DIGITALAX aggregated secondary marketplace (integrated with Rarible protocol’s shared order book structure).

The pop up store also has a few interesting DAO purchase mechanics. At checkout there are two paths as options for buyers;

  1. 1.
    Use Fiat
  2. 2.
    Use crypto
  • If a buyer chooses “use crypto” they are prompted to connect their wallet and mint their corresponding NFT upon purchase
  • If a buyer chooses “use fiat” they can proceed to checkout without having to connect or create a wallet (great for new users and web3 newbies!). This also effectively means that they are choosing to “skip” the collection of their NFT. In this case the NFT is still minted as a proof of on-chain record, and instead is sent directly to the F₃M treasury.