Map 2 the Metaverse (M2M)
Every story is rooted in a set of coordinates— physical or not.
As each story and associated complement is translated into the ever evolving manifesto, a literal map is built out, becoming more digitally immersive as slices of the metaverse over time.
As the process progresses, those who previously had no choice but to be middleman along the supply chain, are given a new voice through the opportunity to shift more fully into the craft they've lived and often aligned more so with, but never thought that they could fully embrace— becoming merchants of stories and non-fungible components that make up every step along the journeys of the products they now trade in i.e. fabrics, materials, patches, beading etc.
These stories must not be forgotten. They are too rich to leave behind.
Map 2 the Metaverse is the literal process of putting metaversal coordinates to these stories, where every individual, group or storefront behind them will be personally onboarded into the world of web3. That includes setting up a wallet, minting NFTs and also being directly incorporated into physical and digital collections released under F₃M.
This eventual literal 3D virtual world map environment will be replete with many threaded, deeply layered troves of textile history, vibrant activity and the kind of magic only those who have truly opened themselves to exploration of a handful of great cities in the world have known, where, as is very much the case in NYC, around every corner, down every straight, with each passing glance or random stranger that you might bump into, an entire adventure might threaten to carry you away in some elaborate direction that you never could have predicted, and are certain to never forget.
NFTs minted by these storytellers and created for these moments will grow to give utility and access at the digital and physical coordination points, and start to give structure and meaning to the new bindings made between these otherwise free floating stories.
The entire experience will be documented through text, audio, video and then incorporated into fashion— the most intimate interface that we have.
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