Sustainable Metaverse Fashion
Sustainable metaverse fashion isn’t just about physical waste. Our digital footprints matter too.
Not just in terms of the energy used to produce or support our digital activity. But also, the block space that we take up. And, the most important factor in being good stewards of metaverse ecosystems is how actively the assets we own are used.
F₃M is introducing a new sustainable minting mechanism and standard that is applied across all of our live digital marketplace NFT content. Each time an item is put up for sale, it includes an integrated counter where, at intervals determined by the DAO, the item is purchased for use in F₃M digital model’s closet by way of the Treasury.
It is worn actively by that model and rented out across metaverse native environments. The Treasury also retains the ability to place these items on the secondary shared orderbook marketplace.
The counter for each item is variable and is coordinated by the DAO upon listing.
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